raas-XBRL :

We perform an initial mapping and creation of extensions, confirmation of calculations, and creation
of dimensions. We provide you with the necessary documentation to sign-off the mapping, and address any questions you may have.

Based on an agreed schedule, once final numbers (and text) are provided, we update the model and provide you with fully SEC-ready XBRL, and confirmation of successful test-filing with the SEC.

Our process is designed to minimize interventions in your designates' already busy schedule, and to maximize the power of the software while leveraging our team's knowledge. Our primary objective is to provide you with high quality SEC-ready XBRL at a reasonable price, and with minimal disruption.

We're ready to tell you more about our process and how, coupled with state-of-the-art software, it radically reduces the effort involved in the production of SEC-ready XBRL, saving you significant time and money.

Your Designate:

Your designated financial reporting official will review the initial mapping and provide required documentation of extensions (in effect a brief description of the line item), and confirm the calculation structures. Your designate will then sign-off the initial mapping.

Final numbers will be provided by your designate, final SEC-ready XBRL and associated documentation will then be provided for sign-off and for you to provide to your filing agent.