Why raas-XBRL

For a number of years the principles of raas-XBRL have been involved across the XBRL environment, and as such have been able to gain deep insights into the various participants in the XBRL space, to view a wide range of service offerings, and in many cases to test the various software solutions. This has enabled us to select what we believe to be the very best solution, from a quality, process and price perspective. Rarely do the three come together in a single package, and in this case, raas-XBRL adds the fourth dimension, the professionals.

Quality: We know that the software solution produces high quality SEC-ready XBRL. We have compared the SEC filing produced using this software against the body of SEC filings, and can demonstrate that these filings have lower overall error rates, and are of higher quality.

Process: We are able to implement a streamlined process for creation of your SEC-ready XBRL that ensures minimal disruption to your existing reporting processes, simplifying a process that could otherwise create additional effort and cost.

Professionals: raas-XBRL is proud of the team we have assembled, with access to long-term XBRL experts and accounting professionals.