2011 XBRL Buyer's Guide (release 2.1)

There are many choices in the world of XBRL, with such a variety of vendors and types of services. Click on the image below to download your copy of the "2011 XBRL Buyer's Guide".

On April 8th, Merrill's Blog posted an article suggesting that companies do their homework (we agree) and pointing them to the "Merrill XBRL Buyer's Guide" - in reality the IR Web Report article pointing to the raas-XBRL Buyer's Guide.
This "Buyer's Guide" is an attempt to group most of the vendors by the primary type of service they provide, and to provide a score against each of 5 categories. We acknowledge that not all vendors are represented (and apologise if we missed you). Some we simply do not know about, or they are too recently on the scene. The scores that we have given each vendor for each category are our best-guess based on conversations with clients, prospects and yes, vendors themselves (and what they have said about other vendors, though those comments we take with the same pinch of salt that you should use).

Why have we done this? Because there simply is too much uncertainty and frankly confusing information. We recommend you perform your own analysis, but of course would be happy to discuss any questions you may have.