(Raaj Medisafe India Ltd. Formerly Known as Manoj Surgical Industries Ltd.)

We   are   one   of   the   largest   manufacturers  and  exporters  in  India producing  all  kind  of disposable syringes with hypodermic needle and without needles also . A  disposable syringe with a disposable   needle is designed   for  single  use  only . The  disposable needle should never be separated  from  its  disposable  syringe. Once  used, this type of syringe and  needle  should  be  disposed  of  promptly  and  properly .  Medisafe disposable   Syringes    are   ideally   designed   for    stable   hand  griping , reflecting  the structure  of  human body they are Non - Toxic and Non - Pyrogenic .

Our disposable syringes are made using medical grade polypropylene . Needle hubs  have  a  6%  leur  taper  insuring  leak  free  mating  with  syringes  of any brand. Cannulas are thin walled,  resulting  in  improved  flow  rate.  Needle  tips  have  long bevels, three facet lancet points and are siliconised for smooth penetration. Syringes are ribbon packaged in tough double laminate plastic film which is highly resistant to  puncturing  and  tearing.  Our  high  quality  disposable syringes are available individually blister packed also with or without needles.

Medisafe syringes are sterilized by Ethylene Oxide (EO) using state of art technology of Lequeux SA, France.