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A site for all ex and current serving Personnel of any Mustering who served in a
MTRS, MTMS, GEMS, GEMF, GSE or MEOMS on any RAAF Base in Australia or abroad.
Feel free to peruse the various pages, view the Galleries, or look over the Nominal Rolls to track down an old friend or workmate. Remember this is a Website for you so tell us what you'd want to see on here.  
We are on the Hunt for old Photos of courses, units, gear you worked on or you having fun at a bbq/sporty.
Whether it was fixing a P4 that the RAAF Firies rolled, making an eagle for the top of the Flagpole, machining bits for an F111, sewing a canvas bag, building a table for the O's Mess, chrome plated a specially produced presento, maintained the Airstrip Barrier system or maybe repairing a Recruiting Van,  We all served in a tight knit community where we worked, played sport, shared a beer or even drove to work together . 
Our own little Band of Brothers... 
Ensure you look over each section of the Website  and especially the "Finding Your Mates" as YOU may help solve the puzzle.

Please help us by telling your ex RAAF workmates about the site, we are searching for every person who worked in GEMS, to get their info and get contact information. Doesn't matter what rank or Mustering they were, we want them on this site..
As access to editing is limited, please feel free to contact one of the page admins to give us your information or feedback.
We are particuarly after Units you served at and any names we may have missed in the Rolls or if you can Identify any names in the Pics please contact us via information in the contact page.


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