The RAAAQ is a not for profit incorporated association representing both active and former members of the defence force (both regular and reserve) who have served on the establishments of Artillery units.
Its primary aim is to promote and foster esprit de corps and to create and foster a bond of comradeship between all Gunners.
The Association's annual activities include:

* Coordination of the artillery elements of the Brisbane ANZAC Day March.

* AGM and luncheon held on or near 1 August, (Artillery Day).

      *  To  conduct Gunners' Luncheons held on the second Thursday of March, June and Dec.
          These luncheons are open to any Gunner( current or ex) and members of the Association

  To assist kindred gunner association in Queensland including Fort Lytton Historical Association,
            Albert Battery and various Field Battery/Unit Associations.

 *  The dissemination of Gunner information throughout Queensland.

 *   Host a luncheon to celebrate Saint Barbara's Day on or near 04  December.

The Colonel Commandant RAA-Northern Region is patron of the association,