These 1- and 2-day workshops will introduce R assuming you know only basic statistics including linear regression and one-way ANOVA. I'll use terms that SAS, SPSS and Stata are familiar with, but you don't need to know those packages. We will discuss which of R's 5,000+ add-on packages provide output in a style similar to SAS, SPSS and Stata, and then compare that output to the output from R's built-in functions. We will work hands-on through many programming stages that demonstrate the fundamental steps in data analysis, pointing out the many ways in which R differs from mainstream commercial packages. When finished, you will be able to import data, manage and transform it, create publication quality graphics, perform basic statistical analyses and know how to generalize that knowledge to more advanced methods.

Learn how to

  • Install and maintain R
  • Choose an integrated development environment and/or a graphical user interface
  • Read or import data
  • Manage and transform data
  • Create graphs
  • Perform statistical analyses
  • (detailed outline is in R4statsWorkshop.pdf below)

Who should attend

People who are familiar with their computer and who want to learn R. People who know how to program in SAS, SPSS or Stata will be especially well prepared, but that is not a prerequisite.


You should be familiar with your computer operating system. You should also have experience in analyzing data and know basic statistical methods such as t-tests and linear regression.

Computer requirements

During this course we will use a combination of slides and hands-on work, running programs step by step to study their output. If you bring your laptop computer with a recent version of R and RStudio, you will be able to follow along helping you learn the software. If you instead prefer to simply watch the instructor step the programs on the projected screen, that is fine too. You can download R for free at:

You can download and install RStudio for free at:

You can download the programs and example data from the following link. Windows XP users should place the folder myRworkshop in My Documents. Windows Vista or 7 users should place it in Documents. Mac users should place it in your hard drive's "Places" of your Mac user name. Since my Mac user name is "Bob", I moved the folder to: /Users/Bob/myRfolder. Linux users can place the folder in any location whose path you know well. The file readme.R contains additional instructions.

How Do They Like It?

Below are some quotes from the workshop evaluations.

"I effectively learned in a compressed day what I usually learn in a month. Bob was able to take the complex and make it simple. I now have a much better understanding of how functions and commands are organized within the R universe."

"I liked how the instructor demonstrated the progression of flexibility with graphics."

"Great introductory course, covered a lot of ground."

"Great handouts"

"I liked having the actual syntax commands listed within the previously made document. I think the PowerPoint and other reference materials are the most useful portion of the class. I can see myself using them A LOT in the future."

"This was a great introduction to R. I wished I'd taken this early before. Clear and easy to understand."

"The organization of material was logical and built as we went along."

"Very good mix of PowerPoint slides and working in R."

"I liked the text file that followed along with the program section and themes. Clarified some basic questions that I had about terms and language that I did not have experience with, even though I use R with a degree of regularity."

"I really needed this class. I've tried to dive into R on my own, but I learn better having someone show the steps."

"The notes are helpful. I can review this on my own later."

"I liked the very easy going atmosphere. The instructor is very helpful and tuned in to where the students are."

"The instructor was very approachable and encouraging."

"Very clear presentation, well-structured and easy to understand."

"What I liked best was the instructor's ability to give alternate ways of doing a task, clear expertise, and willingness to help."

"I liked working in R as the instructor goes along."

"The class examples make it very easy to understand what R is doing with each piece of code."

"The handout is organized step by step so is easy to understand."

"Mr. Muenchen is a wonderful instructor. Very informative and passionate about R. I believe having him as an instructor was the best part."

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Aug 24, 2011, 3:16 PM
Bob Muenchen,
Aug 13, 2011, 8:30 AM
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