The demands of the demonstrators in Egypt - 04.02.11

Mubarak should step down and delegate his power to the vice president to start a dialogue with a newly formed opposition coalition, observed by a neutral UN delegation, to 

(a) establish a constitutional assembly to amend articles 77, 78 and 88 of the Egyptian constitution to enable Egyptians to be candidates for presidency of the republic. The president should be from the people, elected by the people and cannot run for more than two terms,

(b) lift the state of emergency in effect for over 25 years, 

(c) establish monitory bodies for future elections from the judicial system, 

(d) establish a national coalition body to monitor the transition during the next 6 months, 

(e) organise elections according to international standards,

(f) permanently set guidelines for establishment of legal political parties that are not vetted by the national democratic party but by an independent neutral body,

(g) establish the rule of law and independent judiciary,

(h) elect a new parliament representative of all parties as the current parliment is based on forged elections.