ahmed basiouny

artist, 31 years old, was killed by Egyptian police by a bullet on the Day of Anger Friday 28.01.11 in downtown Cairo

"am so sad Pedro , i know how much u love Basyouny too , and i know how much u feel about him , but we r so strong here stronger than ever , we were all together in that dead Friday 28th , he was so angry after they open real fire on us .. we separated and he was gone for 4 days until we find him in one of hospitals , he was killed by a bullet in his face and police car drove over his body . can u believe this , now country r in fire and we all in down town sleeping there and fighting cowered police whom waring now normal cloth among us and there criminals which they release from their persons . we all very strong and its a revolution , it ,ll never be quite again"  Shady El Noshokaty 09.02.11

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video BBC news (thanks magdi & salah)

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very complete article written by Dr Shady El Noshokaty

unsung egyptian hero :

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remembered by a classmate & friend

text by Shady El Noshokaty - colleague & friend

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"The program of this radio will be dedicated to Ahmed Basiony who died on the great egyptian revolution.
A great man, a great musician."

today ahmed has been mentioned twice in the international press :

robert fisk
the independent

benjamin barthe
le monde (see below for scan of the article)

The death of the 2 Ahmeds, "martyrs" of the revolution

They died the same day and at a few metres from each other - Ahmed Bassiouny & Ahmed Anouar. Two names among the hundreds of martyrs of the Egyptian Revolution, estimated at 300 by the UN but whose real number we probably wont know for months if ever.

Two faces among the tens of posters which are stuck up around the Tahrir Square, meeting point and mausoleum for the revolution. That of Ahmed Bassiouny, 31 years old, is stuck to a concrete wall, near a fastfood restaurant, just in front of the former American University in Cairo building. Full cheeks, a 2 day beard and a slighly shortsighted look enlarged by his spèctacles. 

On Friday 28th of January, like thousands of other young Cairo residents, this teacher of contemporary art and father of 2 children, had announced on his Facebook page that he was going to demonstrate. "I am going to get back some dignity for my country". But on that day, when the people came out of the mosques, the egyptian police made its stand against the protest movement that had begun 3 days earlier. The confrontation, which the demonstrators won, was particularly bloody.

"In Tahrir Square, at the end of the afternoon, there was a big army jeep, completely mad, which drove into the ranks of the young people" tells Magdi Mostafa, another artist who, with Ahmed Bassiouny, is involved in multimedia creation. "I saw it from far away, stamp and crush tens of persons. I didnt know that Ahmed was among them".

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