About R2T2 Events

Run, Ride, Tracks and Trails (R2T2) - is a partnership between Rogue Runs, Black Mountains Mountain Biking, and North Gloucestershire Orienteering Club.  

After a couple of successful races in 2017 we plan to hold 4 more during the 2018 Summer months. For those who came to our 2017 races, the format will be very much the same, but we will be adding a third course, the Man v Bike course. See the details below.

For those that who haven't tried R2T2 before, at each event you will be able to choose between a mountain bike course and a trail running route in the following formats:


Trail event - for runners.

These will be a defined and way-marked course of about 10km passing a series of timing points. You'll carry a timing chip and a simple path map showing the course (you do not need to be able to read a map or even use the map you are given). The aim is to visit all the timing points, in the correct order, as quickly as possible. You can follow the marked course, or you can cut corners if you wish. The map will show you the 'going' across the corners, so that you can judge whether to steal a march on your fellow runners by cutting through the woods, or down an alternative path.

Track event - for riders.

You will have a map, based on the standard Ordnance Survey 1:25,000 map range, showing a number of timing points, each with an associated points value. The objective is to collect as many points as possible in the 1 hour allowed for the course.  All you need is a mountain bike and a basic ability to read a normal OS map. The map will show which 'tracks' you are allowed to use, and which you are not. Since you will need to stick to roads and bridleways map reading will be easy.

Man v Bike

Man v Bike is a race for strong runners who a) feel the Trail course is too short, and b) reckon that with savvy navigation they can outscore the bikers on their 60 minute course. Whilst the bikers have to keep to the mapped permissible routes, runners can go where they like. They get a more detailed map showing cross country runnabilty, and smaller paths which bikers are not allowed to use. You need to a confident navigator to take on this challenge.

We aim to cater for everyone, although for safety reasons we will not allow under 16s to ride unless accompanied by an adult. They will usually be able to run the trail as an individual, however.

If you run but generally worry about navigating then the Trail event is ideal for you – following the way-marked route and locating timing points along the way will be easier than you think, and it may be possible on some courses to find short cuts. If you are a rider, adding a bit of competition to your evening ride out will give it a great new dimension. And if you do neither, but feels it's time you did, we would love to see you. As our base will always be in a village hall or suchlike, you'll be able to meet up before and after your run, chat to other runners and riders, and compare results and routes. There will refreshments on offer, spot prizes, and league prizes at the end of the series.