Wednesday 23rd August, Pedal A Bike Away (Forest of Dean Cycle Centre), Forest of Dean, nr Coleford.

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Fees: Seniors £8 (or £7 if you have your own Sportident timing chip). Juniors (under 21, or full time students) £4
Fees include map, timing chip hire (if required), and tea/coffee, a roll and cake after your run/ride.
Any queries about the event, please email the organiser -


The Trail Course (Running)

The trail course is a fully waymarked race around a series of checkpoints, which must be visited in the correct order. It starts and finishes beside the Bike Centre cafe. It crosses the road via the pedestrian/bike bridge, immediately after the start, and approaching the finish, and follows forest tracks and paths in the Beechenhurst area to the East of the road. It crosses no roads except via this bridge, and may be run by unaccompanied Juniors. At each track/path junction there are distinctive direction arrows showing you which way to go, and there will also be red and white tape streamers scattered liberally along the course, so you wont get lost. You visit all the checkpoints, in the correct order, as fast as you can but how you get to them is up to you; you can follow the waymarked route, by all means, or take short cuts.

You can run by yourself, or in a gaggle with your friends, or you can use the race as a time trial against your closest competitors, starting at whatever intervals you choose. You start in your own time within the published start window. There will be 2 or 3 legs which are designated speed or 'time trial' legs,  with prizes awarded for the fastest splits on these legs. The waymarked course will be between 10 and 12km in length, but with short cuts it can probably be cut down to well under 10km.  


The Tracks Course (Biking)

You have 60 minutes from the time you 'dib' the start control to find and dib as many control points as you can. The control points are at easily recognisable locations such as road junctions, or prominent roadside features. They carry different points values dependent on how much work you have to do to visit them. You are penalised points if you are later back than your allotted 60 mins.

You have to work out how best to use your time, how far you reckon you can ride, and which controls are worth getting before coming back and dibbing the finish control.  The map will show which routes you can use, and which are not allowed, as well as giving you hints as to which could be hard going, due to mud etc. A sample section of a map, with some dummy controls points, is shown below. 

Checkpoints that are shared with the Trails course will be placed prominently on a stake with a flag. Those outside the run route on lanes and other features will be securely attached to an immovable object, and generally hidden from view. Their locations will be marked by moderately discrete yellow and black tape steamers.  


Here's the Trail map for next Wednesday's run from Cannop Bike Centre. The course mainly avoids boring forest roads, and offers plenty of opportunities for short cuts. If you are planning to come, please do pre-register at Fabian 4 here so that we can give the cafe some idea of numbers


How to find the event centre:

Event Centre

Travel and Parking

Parking is at the Pedalabikeaway Bike Centre, Cannop, Forest of Dean. The nearest postcode is Gl16 7EH.



Registration opens 18:00, closes 19:00

Starts: Tracks(bikers) 18:15-19:00

            Trails(runners): Briefing: 18:40, Starts 18:50-19:15

For those who came to the first event at Chepstow Park Wood, please note that we have brought the time forward to try and make sure everyone finishes before dark. If you plan to come but think you may struggle to meet this timescale, get in touch with us via email (,) or the Facebook group, so that we can sort something out.

We will use SportIdent electronic timing. You entry fee includes timing chip hire, with a £1 discount if you have your own timing chip.

Entry and Fees

Please pre-enter via Fabian 4 here. Entries open on 26 July 2017, and close at midnight on Tues 22 August. This is the night before the event, so please make every effort to pre-enter, as it saves admin and registration time, and means that we spend less time hitting computer keys, and more time chatting to you about the event, what to expect, how the timing system works, and so on.

If you fancy doing both courses, run and ride, you may do so. Enter for the one you wish to do first, and make sure you get there as early as possible. We will let you start as soon as we are ready if you are doing both courses. There is no extra cost for doing both.

Fees: Seniors £8, or £7 if you have your own Sportident timing chip

            Juniors(under 21, or full time students) £4

Fees include map, timing chip hire, if required, and sandwiches, chips and squash. The bike centre cafe will be open for the purchase of hot drinks and other grub as well. 


There are toilets, and space to change etc, in the Bike Centre. Prize giving will be in the cafe, with prizes for class winners, the runners time trial legs, and biking age classes.


If you have any queries about the event, please get in touch with the organiser –, or ask via the Facebook page.