Click on "R1 & R3 smokejumper fire history" in the left hand panel of this page.


Two ways to access the years shown:  For those haveing Excel click on the down arrow to the far right of the year desired.  Choose OPEN or SAVE and the fire history for the year selected will open up in Excel.  To filter out your personal fires; Click on "Enable Editing," at the top of the page, then click the "filter down arrow" in the first row of the "Jumper" column, then click the top check mark to unselect all, now select your name and viola, all your fires will appear.  The second way is to click on the year desired.  Row and column lines can be obtained by clicking on "Google Sheets" located in the red line at the top of the page.


NSA CAN USE YOUR HELP:  Missoula's 1940-1950 records are limited, becoming progressively better toward the end of the decade.  Information for these missing years have been found through other sources such as fire reports, newspapers and personal interviews.

West Yellowstone's 1951-1964 fire records haven't been found and starting in the early seventies some individuals records are missing.  

Grangeville's 1972 and later fire records are spotty at best.  They will be updated as they become available, hopefully soon.   


If you have knowledge regarding missing fire information, please contact NSA at jumperfires@aol.com

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