Qiang Zeng

qzeng.math AT gmail.com

Hello! I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics at CUNY Queens College.

Before coming to New York, I held postdoc positions at Harvard University, Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, and Northwestern UniversityI received my Ph.D. in mathematics from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2014. I got my B.S. in (Mathematical) Statistics from Beijing Normal University and then spent one year in Peking University as a graduate student. 

I am interested in probability theory, functional analysis, and mathematical physics. Currently, I work in spin glasses and noncommutative probability.


The information for courses I am teaching is updated in Blackboard.


  • Existence of two-step replica symmetry breaking for the spherical mixed p-spin glass at zero temperature, (with Antonio Auffinger).
    Communications in Mathematical Physics, to appear. [arXiv]  [journal]

  • The SK model is Full-step Replica Symmetry Breaking at zero temperature, (with Antonio Auffinger and Wei-Kuo Chen).
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  • Harmonic analysis approach to Gromov--Hausdorff convergence for noncommutative tori, (with Marius Junge and Sepideh Rezvani). 
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  • Ultraproduct methods for mixed q-Gaussian algebras, (with Marius Junge).
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  • Subgaussian 1-cocycles on discrete groups, (with Marius Junge). 
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  • Poincaré type inequalities for group measure spaces and related transportation cost inequalities. 
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  • Kolmogorov's law of the iterated logarithm for noncommutative martingales. 
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