Kieran Daly is a composer and guitarist with concentrations in electroacoustic and improvised music. Some of his prolific work has been featured by the Chicago Reader, Flea, Hibari, Issue Project Room, Lateral Addition, Madacy Jazz, Pitchfork, Triple Canopy, and Wire Magazine.

Four Improvisations (with Sam Weinberg) (i, 2024) • Monophonic Forms of Glissandi and Tempo Modulation (xii, 2023) • Four Slow-Fast Solos via Studio (x, 2023)  One- and two-channel electroacoustic pieces (v, 2023) • Period "buzz" period "honk" structure and bending impromptus (ii, 2023) • Something something "Lyapunov exponent" solos (i, 2023) • "Violin, Viola, Trombone, Tuba quartet" attempting to play tutti—"approximating tutti" (xii, 2022) • Plays Standards with Henry Fraser and Tom Rainey (x, 2022) • Live Concert (Single-Sided Split) (with Sam Weinberg) (ix, 2022) • Seven compositions for direct sound synthesis, fixed media, and musical instruments (viii, 2022) • Total Orderings for FLEA (iv, 2022) • Pre-recorded guitar monophony with unaccompanied improvisations (iii, 2022) • Quartet polyphony demonstration for double bass, guitar, piano, and violoncello (ii, 2022) Lag processing of low-frequency chaotic pulse train jitter, 1-4 (xii, 2021) A few sequential electroacoustic contributions (vii, 2021)
 • Very logical monophonic compositions for synthesized sound (vi, 2021)
 • Patriarchal Music (v, 2021)
 • Untitled discrete arbitrary input functions—polyphony—for harpsichord after Brianna and Kassidy (xii, 2020)
 Plays Standards (xii, 2019) • 
CODE573 (xi, 2019) • 
Untitled (xi, 2018) • 
Slate—Early (with Jason Roebke) (iii, 2018)
 • Derrison (with Sam Sfirri) (v, 2017) • KIERAN IN A HOLE (xi, 2017)
 • untitled pluff BGM w ossias (xi, 2016)
 • Group's Schedule (iv, 2015)
 • Music and Pyrrhonism Without Us (xii, 2014)
 • BGM MNAR (x, 2014)
 • Suspended (of) the formal capacity to sample and thereby preserve such samples according to the conditions from which they appeared (i, 2014)
 • Apsirs Rehearsal (vi, 2013)
 • Plays / For Theatre (viii, 2011)
 • And Death I Think Is No Parenthesis (viii, 2008)