Notebook of a qwerky Guider

I used to keep a notebook, with information about all the things that I did as a Guide and before that as a Brownie. 

This site is the same, but I no longer need to carry it around in my pocket. It will grow to contain information on some of the things that I help organise for the Guides at the unit where I help out, the things I do as a Senior Section member and notes on things I do for my ALQ ( Adult Leadership Qualification ) during my training as a Guide Guider.

This is a work in progress and it is updated both as I do new things and as and when I have the time and the energy to update it. It is a reference for me and for anyone else who finds this information useful. Feel free to link to this site, if you reproduce my content, please credit me and let me know.

Recent Activities:

I like to think that this site may be of use to those outside the UK as well, so far we have also been  visited by  residents of the USA, Australia, Gibraltar, France, Switzerland, China and Canada. Welcome all, I hope you found what you were looking for.