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Thank you for your interest in promoting QVR. We have a few different ways you can help to spread the word about QVR.
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View our Affiliates' Banners

QVR is a member of an affiliate network that relies on the viewing of affiliate banners on our website in order to have our banners viewed on other affiliates' websites. You can help to bring our banners to more of these websites by clicking on the "Visit our friends!" link on the sidebar. Every time that link is clicked, it means our banners will appear on 12 other websites. An average of 0.4% of all banner viewers actually click on the banner, so this means that every 20 or so times that you click that link, a unique visitor will click through to the site. Please do not abuse our affiliates by refreshing the banner page aggressively: this can get us in trouble.

Email your Friends

A great way to promote QVR is by emailing your friends about it. Often this is the most effective way to promote something because you are more likely to take advice from someone you already know than from a complete stranger. Below we have created a sample email that you could use to tell you friends about QVR. Just insert the text between your greeting and your signature, and edit any of the text you like:

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It can update with the click of a button, and it automatically checks to see if there are any new versions of the program available so you always have the latest protection. Keep in mind, however, that this program is primarily for use as a last resort, and you should keep using your current antivirus software as well. This program just adds an additional layer of antivirus protection to help keep your system clean. Try it and let me know what you think.

Post Links on your Blog, Website, or Forum Signature

Another way to promote QVR is by adding a link on your blog, website, or forum signature. Please follow the instructions below to do this.
  • Blog: Just create a link to and include a banner image (see below).
  • Website: Add this HTML code to your website: <a href=""><img src="--BANNER IMAGE URL--" /></a> and replace the "--BANNER IMAGE URL--" with the URL of one of our banners (see below).
  • Forum Signature: Add this BBCode to your signature: [url=][img=--BANNER IMAGE URL--][/url] or [url=][img]--BANNER IMAGE URL--[/img][/url] and replace the "--BANNER IMAGE URL--" with the URL of one of our banners (see below).
Use these banners when you link to us:



At Cubex Digital Entertainment we have done our very best to keep costs of development for our projects at a minimum, and most of the time our projects cost us nothing more than the time and effort we devote to them. However, with over 300 registrations each month, QVR is becoming a project that is more and more costly to maintain. Please take a look at our budget and consider donating to help cover our overhead.