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What is QSoCC? 

The Oregon Queer Students of Color conference is a Queer Student of Color initiated and and led conference providing resources and tools for campus and community change to Queer Student of Color and their allies.  The QSoC Conference, (QSoCC), will provide resource, leadership, training, and skills through workshops that engage, stimulate, and bring awareness to the unique issues that affect Queer Students of Color and the communities they occupy.

Throughout the course of the weekend we will create and maintain a safe space which will allow the exploration of white supremacy, patriarchy, heterosexism, trans-oppression, fat oppression, ableism, religious oppression, and other intersecting oppressions, and how they affect and restrict access to higher education, resources, and connections to other queer students of color, white LGBTQ students, heterosexual students of all backgrounds, and faculty and administrators of all backgrounds.

We invite all of our allies to help support us in this effort by recognizing the experiences of Queer Students of Color are different than those of their peers; and that by working together we can create accessible realms of higher education for all students.  So while this conference focus is and will be Queer Students of Color we invite our heterosexual and white allies to join us in conversations as participants  and allies but also respect the spaces that are will be designated as student of color, queer of color, and queer only.

We look forward to seeing you all during this conference!

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