I am Qurbonsho Gadoliev  at this time Europian Phd exchange mobility student at the  Babeș Bolyai University with support of gSmart project   Erasmus Mundus 

 work Program 

Study of GIS software, and to use it effectively in the field of biology  and in other field 


·        Study GIS program.

·        Accelerate and Facilitate research using advanced GIS tools.

·        Studying certain plants of the Pamir region, and identify their  Coordinates, Large scale spread in certain place of the Pamir region using GIS tools.      

·        Set a map showing the location and distribution of certain plants in the certain place of Pamir region on different altitude zone .

·        Set the date map  on Google map on the website . 

 For the first time since the Soviet Union collapse, mountain ecosystems in Pamir started to be studied. The distinct climate with sharp temperature changes, relatively high air dryness, durable light intensity, richness of ultraviolet waves, significant height difference (3500-6500 m) allowed the formation of the unique plant diversity. There were several scientific works dedicated to this region in the past, including those of K. V. Stanukovich (1949) and those of S. S. Ikonnikoff (1963, 1991). In fact, the exploration of the local fauna began in the second half of the nineteenth century. Nevertheless, there are still huge gaps in our knowledge about the diversity of the mountainous fauna in Pamir. For instance, we do not yet have the full list of plant families. Therefore, the purpose of our investigation has been to fill these gaps for understanding the impact  of the climate change on fauna. 

Compared the last time, the new  modern world  allows us to accelerate and improve the process of different operation using new modern technology. And one of these technologies  is the GIS  that  is used in the modern world very effectively. It can be used everywhere ,and often enough in different areas. In biology area  GIS is also used very effectively. Our mission to explore new possibilities of GIS software and used as efficiently as possible for the advancement and improvement of our work.   



The inquiry into fauna species of eastern Pamir to be used for the further investigation on the impact of the climate on ecosystems.


1.     Carry out the systematic and geographic analysis of eastern Pamir plants and determine core ecosystems

2.     Study eco-biological specifics of eastern Pamir plants in their natural dwellings

3.     Find out core ecosystems and understand the impact of the climate change on the eastern Pamir fauna

Theoretical significance of the work

The obtained data can be used as a source of information for university students, members of the research institutions and the general public. The database created using the expeditionary material and literary analysis will be electronic, so it can be used both inside and outside Tajikistan.

Practical significance of the work.

It will be in understanding what ecosystems exist in eastern Pamir and how they change over time and in space. Also in finding out which domestic animals should be grazed and over what period.

Scientific novelty

For the first time in twenty years, the fauna of eastern Pamir will be described and the plant specifics and diversity will be studied.

Materials and methodology

The investigation is carried out through outdoor experiments and expeditionary observations to study the fauna diversity. There will be effectively used GIS software in  research work. 

Qurbonsho Gadoaliev,
May 25, 2017, 2:09 AM