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Islamic Magazines

• Muslim WakeUp ( english )
Muslim WakeUp! seeks to bring together Muslims and non-Muslims in America and around the globe in efforts that celebrate cultural and spiritual diversity, tolerance, and understanding.
• Muslim News , The ( english )
The Muslim News provides objective news & views of Muslims in the U K. The Muslim News, the only independent monthly Muslim newspaper in the UK, is neither backed by any country nor by any organisation or party.
• Kavkaz center ( arabic – english – russian – turkish )
An Internet News Agency that oriented to cover events in the Islamic world,Caucasus & Russia.One of the main tasks of Kavkaz Center is to cover the events in the Chechen Rep of Ichkeria concerning the Russian military invasion against the C.R.I.
• Islamic magazine ( english )
Aims to broaden perspectives on traditional Islam and to provide a voice for Muslims to articulate their concerns while establishing cross-cultural relations between Muslims and their neighbors and co-religionists.
• Islamic Human Rights Commission ( english )
IHRC is an independent, not-for-profit,campaign,research& advocacy ORG based in U.K. We foster links & work in partnership with different ORGs from all backgrounds,to campaign 4 justice 4 all peoples regardless of their racial, political background.
• Islam Online ( arabic – english )
To reach our goal,a committee of the major scholars throughout the Islamic world,headed by Dr.Yusuf Qardawi, was formed.Its role is to ensure that nothing on this site violates the fixed principles of Islamic law ( Shari`a ).
• illume magazine ( english )
Illume Media is an independent media organization that aims to connect to the peoples of the Bay Area and to the global electronic community in efforts to present the beauty of Islam through web and print media.
• ISIM ( english )
The International Institute for the Study of Islam in the Modern World (ISIM) conducts and promotes interdisciplinary research on social, political, cultural, and intellectual trends and movements in contemporary Muslim societies and communities.
• IINA ( arabic – english – french )
International Islamic News Agency (IINA),a specialized organ of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC),was established in 1972,according to a resolution by the Third Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers.Its HQs is in Jeddah,Saudi Arabia.
• Azizah magazine ( english )
AZIZAH magazine, the authentic voice of contemporary Muslim women . Magazine “that reflects the experiences and perspectives of Muslim women living in North American society”.
• Al Serat Journal ( english )
Al-Serat, journal of Islamic studies