1- Nun and phonetic letters (What is role of Nun in Quran? What is proved by the letters Nun ? How we must be certain that this Quran has been copied from the quran that had writted by prophet Mohamad Hand? Is Pen has relation with Nun? Why GOD after Nun points to Pen? What is Handwriitng miracle of Quran? There are three different choice for writing the Nun in verse 68:1. One: Nun (نون) Two- Noon (ن) Three- Dblnoon(نن) . What is correct? How we must write the Nun in verse 68:1 ? There are 14 versions of qurans that only one of them is correct. The Nun letter confirm this teory. Has any relation with phonetic letters? What is phonetic letters?)


2-Becca and ALM (Why God has used Word Becca instead of Mecca in 3:96 ? Is Becca the place different than Mecca? What is relation of Becca with Contact prayer? What is realtion of letter Mim and Ba with contact prayer? Has word Becca specific relation in sura 3? Has any relation with phonetic letters? What is phonetic letters?)


3- Eliaseen (Why GOD has used Eliaseen in verse 37:130 instaed of Elias? Is Eliaseen one of prophets or prophet Mohamad Family? What is relation of this verse with initial YaSeen in sura 36? Has this verse specific Harmony? What is his role in harmony of Quran? )

4- Bastatan

(God The Most gracious has mentioned some word criticaly. All the changes in Quran can be detected simply by code 19. One of words that is spelled wrong through history and has been changed via human errors is word Bastatan in verse 7:69. Bastatan in arabic is بسطة.This Word in general Quran is wriiten by Saad but it is false and it must be with Seen.)