Welcome to QuotesOnDesk ! We provide simple to use, efficient and affordable software solutions to help you with share market analysis/trading. Browse through our products and feel free to download the free trials. If you have any feedback or suggestion or want to request for a feature feel free to contact us.


PIB2MS v5.0

PIB2MS is simple to use software utility that converts live intraday quotes from Power India Bulls trading terminal (PIB) into MetaStock format in real-time. The software continuously monitors any new quotes/ticks updated by PIB and automatically appends the new tick data to MetaStock format. The software can refresh your MetaStock charts whenever new quote/tick is converted from PIB.

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TTA2MS v5.5

TTA2MS is probably the first utility in the market that converts live intraday quotes/tick data from TTAdvance (5paisa/India Infoline trading terminal) to MetaStock format in real-time. It keeps watch on any changes in tick data/charts in TTAdvance and updates MetaStock data instantaniously. It can refresh your MetaStock charts automatically.

QuotesOnDesk v2.5

QuotesOnDesk is a desktop software application to view intraday stock quotes from NSE, India. It downloads Intraday as well as EOD stock quotes and provides basic charts.

  • Runs on desktop. No need to log-in or open internet browser and waste time in finding stock codes and quote pages for individual stocks
  • Runs in the background and downloads NSE Intraday quotes at specified intervals while you continue your work. It can connect through a proxy server too
  • Downloads the IntraDay quotes of only the stocks you select
  • Downloads IntraDay quotes of NSE Indices and Futures too
  • You can set your own download interval (5 min/10 min/15min or any duration you want)
  • Can be used as desktop stock ticker or desktop stock watch list
  • Can be used as data feed for charting and analysis softwares like MetaStock, Amibroker etc
  • Can be used as EOD quotes downloader and converter to MetaStock, Amibroker or ASCII/CSV format

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