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Club Rules

1.     Members to continue to look for a new home for the old track (12m x 5m min, 624square foot)

2.     The club needs all members to participate to continue into the future

3.     Track opens 7.30 Scrutineer at 8pm Racing starts promptly at 8.15pm (if you are running late please contact one of the committee)

4.     No derogatory language

5.     Respect the Marshalls

6.     No shouting

7.     Marshalls to face the racing and pay full attention

8.     Marshall as you would expect to be marshalled.

9.     No mobile phones by side of the race track

10.  No leaning on the track

11.  No running around the track

12.  No bringing your own drinks into the club room only drinks purchased in the pub are allowed