Can a bookmarklet change your life?

Maybe a little.  I wrote the simplest bit of javascript to give Quora a feature I suggested a little while ago.  I understand the Quora team is busy, so I took the liberty to implement it myself.

The point of this all is to make it easy for you to write footnotes inline while composing an answer.  You simply drag the bookmarklet button below up to your bookmark toolbar, and then you can run the script right before you submit an answer.  It will convert your inline explanations to at-the-end text, and automatically number accordingly.  I assume that if you're looking at this site, you've already seen my post about how to use the bookmarklet.

If you want, this process can be made even faster by creating a shortcut for your bookmarklet.  If you use this bit of code, give the associated post an upvote to spread the word!  I'll update the post if I make any improvements or if any of you sends me a revision (obarbut at g mail).  The source code is available here with whitespace and documentation.

(drag the image/button above to your bookmarks bar)


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