Statement of Purpose and Values

QULOC exists to:
  • Develop the capability of member libraries and their staff
  • Collaborate across member libraries to deliver strategic, cost effective, value added library services
  • Partner with external agencies to enhance research, scholarship and innovation
To achieve the purpose, we value:
  • Learning, development and innovation
  • Collegiality, networking and knowledge sharing
  • The richness of our diversity
Terms of Reference
  1. To provide effective collaboration and communication amongst QULOC members.
  2. To cooperate on staff development and share information on staffing issues.
  3. To provide a regional focus for the implementation of cooperative activities, complementing the work done at a national level by other groups.
  4. To identify potential cooperative research projects to increase the effectiveness of library services in QULOC libraries.
  5. To promote the common interests of QULOC members through advocacy where appropriate. 

QULOC Convenor

Sarah Fredline
University Librarian
Bond University

Executive Officer

Adam Atkinson
University of Queensland
Mon + Wed + Fri
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