Sierra Lincoln

I love robotics and I have participated in robotics competitions since I was in 3rd grade, and won several awards, including:

VEX National Competition
- 2nd Place Tournament
- 1st Place Programming 
- 1st Place Driver's Skills

I have also won NCWIT Award for Aspirations in Computing

I am the starting goalie for the Varsity Water Polo team at Harker high school.
In 2012, I was voted Best Goalie by the League Coaches and Best Defensive Player by my teammates.  We were the top team in the league and went to CCS.
You can see my stats at:


I have two patent applications 
"Adaptable Input/Output Interface"
20120313854  & 20120313857

Imagine your keyboard could autonomously transform into a topographical map; a mechanical part you are designing; a specialized array of knobs, buttons, and dials; or the hand of a friend.  This novel “keyboard” can be molded like clay into any shape to easily communicate 3-D objects to a computer.  A  key idea that I contributed arose from working with geometric patterns of flexible strips of fabric, selectively adhered together with electrostatic forces.  Together with an actuator like air or liquid pressure, patterns of adhesion and inadhesion of inherently flexible substrates in a 3-D geometric framework can create any shape and stiffness desired.  


I studied the problem of constructing optical routers where incoming arrays of light beams are deflected by a sequence of diffraction gratings, where for engineering reasons the diffraction gratings can only be horizontal or vertical. I proved an upper-bound on the number of  1-d permutations needed in the sequence. (to be submitted)



I attended the Stanford University Math Camp (SUMaC) in the summer 2010.  I studied Number Theory and did research on cryptography regarding Public-Key Encryption with Keyword Search (PEKS). The PEKS system allows one to search for a particular keyword even when the document is encrypted.  My research presentation is


I attended the Stanford University Math Camp (SUMaC) in the summer 2011.  I studied Algebraic Topology and did research on S3 (the four-dimensional sphere) and quaternions.  Quaternions encode 3-D rotations with less than half the data required by matrix encoding, making them very helpful in linear algebra and physics.   My research presentation:

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