Simeon Djankov, former Bulgar treasury secretary and Elena Nikolova of University College London, wrote in World Bank WPS8399 April 2018, “Eastern Orthodox religion have less social capital and prefer old ideas and safe jobs. In addition, Orthodoxy is associated with left-leaning political preferences and stronger support for government involvement in the economy. Compared with non-believers and Orthodox adherents, Catholics and Protestants are less likely to agree that government ownership is a good thing, and Protestants are less likely to agree that getting rich can only happen at the expense of others. . . consistent with Berdyaev’s hypothesis that communism is a successor of Orthodoxy” (Click: Full research paper)

Greek Australian Wants to be More Western not Hang Out with Slavs and Arabs 

Martin Luther Greek: Greek Church Begat Islam and Communism by Rejecting Original Sin (Flipper Lectionary of Grequole Deeds)

Goat Reform from a George Comney, former catechumen repelled by anti-Smeitism. Macarius got his gizard split for slumming with Breznev. Bart must part because he put pustacius in his cart.

Greek History in USA Newspapers: If they trojaned their eurobudgets, do you trust their food hygiene, caique shipping, quisling lawyers or olive witch doctors?

Greek Eastern Orthodox Exposed! 

Athos Endangers Macedonia and Demandments of American Orthodox

Rumenian is Saved by the Bibleex-priests  reveal the truth!

Russian Far East Goes Evangelical and Finds Christ. Russians who claim to be Orthodox  don't really go to church!

Clendenin's classic reply to OrthodoxCalvinist Looks at Orthodoxy That is why we need to distill the real Aramaic Gospel of Quelle to remove polluting Tarsian Casuistry imposed by the Greco ROmans who killed Jesus and stole his religion.

Guido Greco is sure tired of tomarophagy! and Greek Pole tells about Fatima and Medjugorje in Greek,

Chief architect of Reaganomics debunks tsarotragismParable of Talents (Matthew 25) glorifies capitalism as opposed to the slothful envy of communism, but Soviet Seleucid Grystlestolm wrote "The rich are in possession of the goods of the poor, even if they have acquired them honestly" (Lazarus 11) and "Questioning is the subversion of faith" (Timothy 1). Theodosian Code promoted confiscatory taxation and promoted Diocletian socialist feudalism (Rostovtzeff 1926, Gibbon ch. 13) that Toynbee (1939, IV p. 399) said caused Anatolia to apostatse into Turkishness. Gun control hails back to Justinian's Novella 85. Every goat wants your throat. Boycott stewardship. Put a green slip, empty envelop or only penny in colleciton tray. Leftist fadism makes them buy high and sell low.

They mock God with their brigand "fathers", idolatrous "icons", counter-kosher "lent", sleep-deprived brainwash vigils, subliminal incantations, intoxicating incense, pyromaniac lights, and philocalia hyperventilatory hallucinations. See the how they use the standard practices of cult brainwashing 

Scroll down to p29 to see Aunt Kiki's comments. What a remarkable woman!

The real dark roots of Greek beliefs, and also Russian beliefs while they impugn the Masonic Glory or democratic capitalism. If you're a Greek, don't be a freak, take a peak at Lucky Archer's Blog!

Evangelicals love the Greek language, while your Slavs and Arabs find it repulsive. gec.gr, aeee.gr ,evangelicals.gr,  christianismos.gr ,acocgr.org, eeek.gr, christianity.gr, k-e-n.gr ,xeath.gr ,  godmessengers.gr, thechristians.gr holywords.gr ,wayoftruth.gr ,voiceofgod.gr, wordofgod.gr, eeek.gr , k-e-n.grkoinoniaeeee.gr greekvoice.org , teddygotsisprophecy.com hellenicministries.org amginternational.org

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