Quintillus's Main Page


 Welcome to my main page!  This site is being added to over time, not at any particular rate.  You may find new stuff if you check back, you may not.


Quintillus's Civilization Page - This is what you're probably here for.  About my civilization stories right now, with a small section about some of the other stories I've enjoyed reading.  May expand it later, who knows?

Quintillus's Technology Page - This is about my views on technology.  Somewhat biased, it's about things from Web browsers to operating systems to dabbles in programming.

Other pages may be added as I feel like it.

Comments?  Email me at quintillus@lycos.com.  Yes, I know it seems like it should be quintillus.cfc@gmail.com based on this site's address, but it's not.  You won't get an answer by sending anything to the nonexistant GMail address, so send it to the Lycos one :).  Or, if you're a member of Civilization Fanatics' Center, send a private message there.  I check CFC much more often than Lycos.