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Wrath of the AI (March 2009 - present)

In my current story, played on Monarch rather than the Regent of the first two, each of the AI's has a considerable bonus, such as +50% tax revenue, a government that's ideal in nearly every way, all the civilization traits enabled, or very powerful cavalry units.  My civilization, the Intelligent, has no bonuses whatsoever, other than a human playing it.  Will the Intelligent thrive nonetheless?  Read it to find out!

Conquest of the World (March 2007 - February 2008)

My first story, Conquest of the World is a take on a classic CivIII variant - playing on an Earth map and conquering it! The variant here is that there is no corruption whatsoever. This was, at least in theory, supposed to result in hugely powerful megaempires. Of course, only those who conquered stood a chance at that.

The Space Race (March 2008 - October 2008)

My second story, Space Race has the twist that only Space Race victory is enabled, but I start one era behind everyone else in technology (Ancient Times vs. Middle Ages). With the obvious challenge to leapfrog the AI in tech, the challenge is not only the scientific one but merely surviving against the more advanced AI.