Quinta   do TT

This page is dedicated to my group of friends and our TT meeting point

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Why Quinta do TT?

    Quinta do TT means "TT Farm", TT Farm because it really is a farm and meeting point of the usual friends and TT entusiasts at several years already. Initially whe used the space to do have fun with some old cars, but later with the proliferation of TT cars whe started to make more tracks to join to the existing trails for the practice of off-road.



    How it all started!

    Few years ago bought my 1st and so far only TT, it was a kind of a toy to use in playful side, those things trivial, like go to the cinema and terrace, only later I realised the true capabilities of a an all-terrain and started to seriously take advantage of off-road machine (and spoil, of course, I will not say what was done to it). By that time my friends they considered essentially those utilities disguised form of Uno turbo and similar cars, preferably with some modifications of power, the evenings were spent around the mechanical, the TT was a world totally unknown to them, and to 80 % of the practising of TT today, in fact I think it is a kind of massive recent phenomenon in our country.

    I went through the first steps in the TT and they started to accompany me gradually, although I do remember to take raids at night to the mountain instead of going to the disco, cross rivers, take big climbs and through more or less complicated situations without another vehicle to help, was a real adventure. Later I went to do some organized raids, they were also creating enthusiasm and the all-terrain suddenly began to multiply.

    At the time whe dont pass an weekend without action around the TT,  in the particular farm or at the mountain, whe always get our ride.
    The aim of this humble and amateur page report goes through some of these experiences, sharing photos and videos of our TT.