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A little about Ziljan:

Zilján is the kindest stallion imaginable, and genuinely loves people and other horses (even stallions!) "To know him is to love him" is an apt description of Zilján--everyone who gets to know him just adores him.  He is truly a "nice guy" -- "buena persona" as Jesús used to say.  Jesús not only loved him dearly, but truly valued him as a breeding stallion, for his ability to pass on even better than himself, consistently improve on the mares he's bred to, and pass on his extremely kind, willing temperament and work ethic.  Not only that, but he has a true "caretaker" personality and will look out for his rider, even total beginners! Zilján is so willing and intelligent, he could easily be described as a genius among horses, and he consistently passes his intelligence and kind personality to all his get.

Zilján is homozygous for the black gene (he does not carry the bay gene),
so he can produce black, and ALL HIS BABIES ARE GUARANTEED
This means that all his offspring can produce genetically black foals. 

In fact, his first get out of Linaje III, our grey PRE mare, were two TRUE BLACK twin fillies! Milagros and Eréndira, now known as Chanel and Escada, are alive and well and consistently producing black foals for their respective owners. See Chanel on our "Fun at Quinta Córdova" page. 

Zilján had a relatively short dressage career (cut short by the long-term effects of a broken foot) but he showed great aptitude for the sport and the judges loved his movement and great elasticity.  At Training Level he won the U.S. All Breeds Championship for both amateur and open, nationwide, and in San Diego County that year he won the year end High Point Award.  In fact, he even achieved the highest points that year of ALL horses competing in San Diego County at ALL levels--Training Level through Grand Prix!  Needless to say we are very proud of our boy :-)


Ziljan and his black Azteca son Bandolé

Ziljan (left) in a Pas de Deux under judge Charles DeKunffy in Del Mar
Ziljan's Pas de Deux partner was the beautiful Hispano-Arabe stallion Bandaluz.  Zilján, the junior of the two stallions, ADORED Bandaluz.  In fact Zilján loves all horses--mares, geldings and stallions and can (and does) share paddocks with them, divided by an unprotected pipe panel.

 Fun at the Beach
lying down on command




Ziljan has excelled in Mounted Obstacle (sensory) Competition,
and won the championship one year!

                                                 proud daddy Z and his yearling son Bando

    Ziljan loves his babies. 

Here he licks Bando's "boo-boo" (Bando had stitches on his lip.)

Ziljan is amazingly kind and loving!

Zilján is Revised (approved for breeding) in the Spanish Studbook (Cria Caballar,) also with P.R.E. Mundial, and registered with the International Andalusian and Lusitano Horse Association (IALHA). His purebred offspring can be registered in the Spanish Studbook and in PRE Mundial (if the dam is,) and all his offspring, partbreds included, can be registered with IALHA.

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