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Update: We decided to geld Novelero at 6 years of age because, though he was as tractable, sweet and gentle as can be, he just couldn't focus under saddle in public (he was too worried about being a socialite and making equine friends!) 

Now he is a super-talented dressage prospect. Jesús taught him an incredibly expressive piaffe and passage (Jesús had an incredible gift for that), and Novelero has a gorgeous and HUGE natural trot. 

In a 2015 clinic with Spanish Olympian Luis Lucio, Sr. Lucio commented, after seeing Novelero offer (unbidden) a super fancy trot and an incredible passage, that he will have a 10 passage, that he is a very talented horse, and one that he would enjoy riding and owning himself! 

In this picture Novelero is still learning piaffe.  He is behind the vertical because he did not yet have the strength for an ideally correct position, so Jesús would not have used it here, but it's the only photo I have!

April, 2014

Novelero showing off his elasticity

At Mo Parga's 2015 sensory clinic

(old news):
Novelero is now Revised in the Spanish

Novelero QC at two years of age

Novelero is the clown of the farm and loves to make everyone laugh!
Here he is at freedom, choosing to hang out with Jesús and Siroco

Novelero, Jesús and Siroco 
(Novelero is free, and "metiche" that he is, he chooses to hang out with the gang)


Novelero inherited his daddy Ziljan's and dam Nube's extremely kind and gentle temperament, and he is as loving and affectionate as can be!


Novelero at three years of age
Novelero is not only beautiful in looks and movement but his trainer Jesus Piris is thrilled with his natural balance and strength! He says Novelero has the makings of a great horse and we look forward to seeing him excel in the dressage ring.

Baby Pix! 

 We consider Novelero our resident clown because he goes out of his way to make everyone laugh. He loves to chase with his giant ball, soak himself in the sprinkers, and play at the beach. He'll let you pet him for hours if you have the stamina, and he'd climb in your pocket if he could, but he's always respectful and a complete gentleman. 

Novelero will be very tall with lots and lots of hair. He is gorgeous, very Spanish, and has beautiful, expressive movement. He definitely has what it takes to follow in his daddy's footsteps as our next dressage star and we have high hopes for him.

He carries not only bay but the rare black and chestnut genes as well.

What's more, Novelero is the kindest, sweetest guy you'll ever meet! 

 Novelero is Revised in the Spanish Studbook (ANCCE), and also with P.R.E. Mundial, and registered with the International Andalusian and Lusitano Horse Association (IALHA).

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