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Linaje III, whom we affectionately call "Nube" (Cloud) is truly an angel among horses. Everyone who meets her is immediately drawn to her and the rest of our herd just worships her as well. She has a regal, very peaceful and deep quality about her that is hard to describe--if she were human she would probaby be considered very spiritual.

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Nube is one of the last three daughters of the great stallion Genil who was bred on the famous Cardenas ranch in Spain. Genil was Champion of Champions of Spain at the age of three (!) before he was exported. His offspring are coveted for their beauty and noble temperaments.

Nube possesses the precious qualities that has made the Pure Spanish Horse famous for centuries. During the renaissance times, they were  coveted by royalty all over Europe as a "horse fit for a king in his hour of triumph". As not all royalty were necessarily gifted horsemen, they needed a steed which could appear fiery and spirited (and beautiful) while actually possessing a kind, unflappable, reliable and obedient nature. Nube has all these attributes in spades!
Nube and her new baby Avatar

Nube with Michael, and her filly Leyenda ("Leyla"--Linaje III x Ziljan)


                          Nube (left) and Ziljan in their youth.  They lived together then (lucky Ziljan!)


Nube and her twin (BLACK!) 2007 fillies Erendira and Milagros (aka Chanel and Escada)

(Linaje III x Ziljan)

Nube and Leyla


Nube and her latest foal, the black (with the grey gene) colt Avatar


Nube is Revised (approved for breeding) in the Spanish Studbook (Cria Caballar,) also with P.R.E. Mundial, and registered with the International Andalusian and Lusitano Horse Association (IALHA).

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