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Serious Upper Level Dressage Prospect, Imported from Spain, with two 

years training under Master dressage trainer Jesús Piris

Embrujo LXIV, 7 year old PRE Stallion, Imported from Spain

Embrujo early in his training with master dressage trainer Jesus Piris

Registered with ANCCE in Spain and approved for breeding, Embrujo has a commanding presence that truly "fills the eye".  Though he appears proud and fiery, he is extremely kind, mellow, affectionate and sweet as can be, and he adores attention. He is a very, very gentle stallion, and not studdy at all. He wants to please, has a great work ethic, and is an absolute joy to have around, both under saddle and on the ground.  He is excellent on the trail, relaxed and sensible, even in busy traffic, around barking dogs, etc.  He is a perfect gentleman on the ground and under saddle, including riding in mixed company.  He is naturally uphill and collects easily, with three outstanding gaits including an excellent walk and canter.

Embrujo has two years of training with the late Master Dressage Trainer Jesús Piris, former Instructor of the Royal Spanish Riding School of Jerez, Spain. He has his lateral work and is schooling flying changes, piaffe and Spanish Walk (as a precursor to passage.)  He is uncomplicated under saddle and has the strength, elasticity, athleticism, gaits and work ethic suitable for international level dressage competition.  Embrujo is a PRE stallion of a quality not commonly found in the U.S.  He has the talent and work ethic suitable for a professional, yet is kind and unflappable enough for an amateur.  He is truly a gem and must be seen in person to be fully appreciated.

Also For Sale:   Hipnótica QC  ("Tika")

Born 4/21/2007


Tika is revised by ANCCE (registered & approved for breeding in the Spanish Studbook)

 Also, Tika has had four years of training with master dressage trainer Jesus Piris, formerly of the Royal Spanish Riding School of Spain, and she is extremely light and sensitive to the aids. She does a lovely piaffe under saddle, is schooling flying lead changes, and she is great on the trail--crosses water, has been to the beach, not afraid of traffic, barking dogs, etc.

Hipnótica QC ("Tika") turns heads wherever she goes with her impeccable Spanish looks and perfect conformation, including a stunning head and neck. She is sired by the stallion Feudal VIII, imported from Spain, and out of Nayade QC. She is already extremely sensible and unflappable, a joy to handle, and very sweet. She is calm and confident wherever she goes. Please scroll down for more recent pictures of Tika.

Click to see videos of Tika: 

 2011 video of Tika 

Video of Tika as a yearling

Tika as a Yearling

Tika made her show debut at the Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse's Fiesta California in April, 2008, garnering First Place Yearling Filly under a judge from Spain. She took to the show experience as if she'd been doing it her whole life! Anywhere we take her, even overnight, she just settles in as if she's at home.

Hipnótica QC

First place PRE Yearling Filly at Fiesta CA, '08

Feudal VIII x Nayade QC

$25K OBO
May, 2010 (Tika under saddle!):
Tika is naturally very balanced and well-put together, with an extremely easy to work with temperament. Though we're taking her training slowly, she is progressing more quickly than we could ever have hoped! Her thick and abundant mane is falling evenly on both sides of her neck, parted down the middle, something I've been told is a sign of a very balanced (ambidextrous) horse. Given Jesus' reports of how naturally balanced she is, maybe it's true!
  Tika's first trail ride was at the beach! She didn't even mind the jetskis (and there were lots!)

Tika's second trail ride had four water crossings (and she loved them)!

Tika at 3 years old

Tika as a yearling:

                Hipnótica QC  ("Tika")



August 2009
Tika has her Spanish Carta and is REVISED by ANCCE. She is also Inscribed with P.R.E. Mundial (has her green carta), and registered with the International Andalusian and Lusitano Horse Association (IALHA).
She has had four years of professional dressage training with Jesus Piris and is an unflappable, easy and uncomplicated mare to ride, and she does an awesome piaffe under saddle! She will make someone a very fun, relaxing trail and show horse.

  Avatar QC 

Born 4/19/2010
Avatar is Quinta Cordova's latest addition, a HUGE and excitingly promising stud quality colt who is infinitely kind, willing and intelligent, just like all of our babies. He is beautifully put together with a gorgeous neck, head, shoulder and topline, with innate elasticity and strength.
BREAKING NEWS!!! Avatar's  Spanish carta has arrived! 

This means he is inscribed with ANCCE (in the Spanish studbook) 
 and his IALHA papers are complete as well.
He is BLACK (DNA confirmed) with the grey gene, just like his sire Ziljan. What's more, he also carries the rare CHESTNUT gene (eEaa). Avatar does NOT carry the bay gene. He is heterozygous for grey, which means he will be able to produce color and will pass on black, chestnut and grey (and possibly dun). When bred to mares with the chestnut or black genes he will be able to produce black and chestnut.
Avatar's sire Ziljan has produced lots of color, including a peanut-butter dun from a non-dun mare (light, bright red bay with a distinct wine-colored dorsal stripe) and several black foals, and we expect Avatar will do the same, and he can produce chestnut as well.
Avatar is a full brother to our rising star, the four year old PRE Novelero. Avatar will be tall and gorgeous, a truly top-quality stallion.

Avatar at 4.5 months

At only 5 months he's already huge!
 Avatar at three days old, his first day out of his stall

 Avatar and proud momma, Quinta Cordova's Grand Lady the late Linaje III (aka Nube)
You can make out Avatar's dorsal stripe here. All of Ziljan's foals have this. Ziljan was born grullo (black with the dun dilution gene including dorsal stripe and leg striping) so Avatar may have the dun gene as well (which would mean he could produce buckskin, grullo and other dun dilutions). Currently there is no dun test for Iberians (although UC Davis is working on one).
A first at Quinta Cordova, Avatar was born at 6:00 in the morning! The birth was easy and uneventful, and he was born healthy and strong with great immunity (IGG's were 1055!)
Rebeca discovered him still in the placental sac, and when she cut it away from his nose so he could breathe the first thing he did was let out a tiny whinny, and immediately all the horses in the barn whinnied back! After he stood up he stayed up for an hour and a half, tooling around, with no desire to lie back down. 
Avatar is so impressive and promising that we are no longer
offering him for sale.

More pictures coming soon!
Náyade QC (SOLD!)

Náyade QC (Naya) is a gorgeous Black/Bay P.R.E. mare who is DNA proven to carry the black gene. This means she can produce black, an extremely rare trait in the Andalusian breed.

Naya is Revised (approved for breeding) in the Spanish Studbook (Cria Caballar,) also with P.R.E. Mundial, and registered with the International Andalusian and Lusitano Horse Association (IALHA).

Naya was born 8/15/2001 and is a solid 15.2 hands without shoes. She has had one baby, the stunning filly Hipnótica QC, also for sale (see below.) Naya is extremely fertile and a wonderful mother. She is registered and approved in the Spanish Studbook, with P.R.E. Mundial, and with the International Andalusian and Lusitano Horse Association (IALHA.)

Naya's dam Linaje III is one of the great Genil's last three daughters. Genil was bred by the famous Cardenas stud of Spain and was Champion of Champions of Spain at the age of three. His bloodlines are famous for beauty and temperament.

Naya's sire is Ziljan, Quinta Cordova's own national dressage champion (see link to his page.) To know Ziljan is to love him--he is the kindest most generous soul, with a "caretaker" personality and he consistently passes his sweetness on to all his foals.

Naya is well trained, showing in dressage at Training Level and schooling First and Second Level movements. She is a dream to show, easy, calm and obedient, as she is confident and at home wherever one takes her. She has lovely movement, and took the Best Movement Gold Medal Award in her first halter show at the age of seven months at the Fiesta of the Spanish Horse in Burbank, California.

Naya has miles and miles of trail expererience and is wonderfully fun to ride, uncomplicated and unflappable.  She loves spending time on the trails, even without the company of other horses. She's been swimming at the beach and crosses water without a problem. She excels in Mounted Police obstacle clinics also, and in her first clinic she took every scary obstacle in stride, even leading all the frightened horses through the obstacles!

Naya has had professional training with Jesús Piris, former Principal Instructor at the Royal Spanish Riding School in Jerez, Spain. 




Náyade QC

Dressage show horse and Broodmare extraordinaire.

Ziljan x Linaje III

$30K OBO (SOLD!)



        Náyade QC ("Naya")

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