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Embrujo's Page

                                  EMBRUJO LXIV

Not Currently for Sale 

2007 PRE Stallion

Imported from Spain by Andalusians Quinta Córdova

Embrujo early in his training with master dressage trainer Jesus Piris

Embrujo was selected by the late dressage master Jesús Piris, former instructor from the Royal Spanish Riding School of Spain.  
He was started and trained for two years by Jesús

Registered with ANCCE in Spain and approved for breeding, Embrujo has a commanding presence that truly "fills the eye".  Though he appears proud and fiery, it's hard to imagine a kinder, gentler stallion.  He is he submissive to his rider or handler, obedient, mellow, affectionate and sweet as can be, and he adores attention. He is a very, very gentle stallion, and not studdy at all. He wants to please, has a great work ethic, and is an absolute joy to have around, both under saddle and on the ground.  He is excellent on the trail, relaxed and sensible, even in busy traffic, around barking dogs, etc.  He is a perfect gentleman on the ground and under saddle, including riding in mixed company.  He is naturally uphill and collects easily, with three outstanding gaits including an excellent walk and canter of a quality not often found in the PRE.

Embrujo was selected by and has two years of training with the late Master Dressage Trainer Jesús Piris, former Instructor of the Royal Spanish Riding School of Jerez, Spain and former co-owner of Andalusians Quinta Córdova. He has his lateral work and is schooling flying changes, piaffe and Spanish Walk (as a precursor to passage.)  He is uncomplicated under saddle and has the strength, elasticity, athleticism, gaits and work ethic suitable for international level dressage competition.  Embrujo is a PRE stallion of a quality not commonly found in the U.S.  He has the talent and work ethic suitable for a professional, yet is kind and unflappable enough for an amateur.  He is truly a gem and for this reason the decision has been made to take him off the market at this time.


Proudly owned by Andalusians Quinta Córdova, Embrujo will be offered at stud once his dressage career is underway.

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