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Born 4/19/2010

Avatar's all grown up! He just turned five and has been in training for a year with the talented western trainer, champion reiner and roper Roy Pelkey.  Roy was a dear friend and dressage student of the late Jesús Piris, co-owner of Andalusians Quinta Córdova.  Because of Jesús' influence, Roy is now embarking on a new journey--the sport of Working Equitation, an exciting new sport originating in Portugal and Spain and now taking the world by storm.  Via a partnership with the owner of Andalusians Quinta Cordova and of Avatar, Avatar is now Roy's Working Equitation prospect and partner!

Here are Avatar and Roy in a recent clinic with Luis Lucio, dressage Olympian from Spain


Old News and Baby Pictures

Avatar is Quinta Cordova's latest addition, a HUGE and excitingly promising stud quality colt who is infinitely kind, willing and intelligent, just like all of our babies. He is beautifully put together with a gorgeous neck, head, shoulder and topline, with innate elasticity and strength. 
BREAKING NEWS!!! Avatar's  Spanish carta has arrived! 

This means he is inscribed with ANCCE (in the Spanish studbook) 
 and his IALHA papers are complete as well.
He is BLACK (DNA confirmed) with the grey gene, just like his sire Ziljan. What's more, he also carries the rare CHESTNUT gene (eEaa). Avatar does NOT carry the bay gene. He is heterozygous for grey, which means he will be able to produce color and will pass on black (ALL his offspring will either be black or carry the black gene, thus being capable of producing black themselves,) chestnut and grey (and possibly dun). When bred to mares with the black or chestnut genes he will be able to produce black and chestnut babies.
Avatar's sire Ziljan has produced lots of color, including a peanut-butter dun from a non-dun mare (light, bright red bay with a distinct wine-colored dorsal stripe) and several black foals, and we expect Avatar will do the same, and will also be able to produce chestnut as well.
Avatar is a full brother to our rising star, the PRE NoveleroAvatar will be gorgeous, athletic and kind, a truly top-quality stallion.

Avatar at 4 months

What is this loudly yapping being? (a welsh corgi, of course)

At only 5 months he's already huge!
 Avatar at three days old, his first day out of his stall

 Avatar and proud momma, Quinta Cordova's Grand Lady the late Linaje III (aka Nube)
You can make out Avatar's dorsal stripe here. All of Ziljan's foals have this. Ziljan was born grullo (black with the dun dilution gene including dorsal stripe and leg striping) so Avatar may have the dun gene as well (which would mean he could produce yellow dun (buckskin with a dorsal stripe), grullo and other dun dilutions). Currently there is no genetic dun test for Iberians (although UC Davis is working on one).
A first at Quinta Cordova, Avatar was born at 6:00 in the morning! The birth was easy and uneventful, and he was born healthy and strong with great immunity (IGG's were 1055!) 
Rebeca discovered him still in the placental sac, and when she cut it away from his nose so he could breathe the first thing he did was let out a high-pitched little baby whinny, and immediately all ten horses in the barn whinnied back! He was so strong that after he stood up he stayed up for an hour and a half, tooling around, with no desire to even try to lie back down. 
Avatar is so impressive and promising that we are no longer 
offering him for sale. 

More pictures coming soon!