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Quinta Córdova

Pure Spanish Andalusians

Pura Raza Española 

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A gallery of fun photos!
Zilján (a.k.a. “Z”)


    Ziljan and his buddy, the Hispano-Arabe Stallion Bandaluz at Horsepark in Del Mar,
California, showing in Pas de Deux under Judge Charles DeKunffy.  
QUINTA CORDOVA's Twin Fillies! 


Ziljan and Nube's first offspring were, incredibly,
Originally named Erendira and Milagros, they were told as weanlings to Tilley Andalusians and subsequently re-named Chanel and Escada. Chanel was eventually sold to Jdon Farms, and both mares have been producing black foals nearly every year!
Escada XIX (Ziljan x Linaje III)

The black P.R.E. mare Escada, twin to Chanel: 

Chanel (Ziljan x Linaje III)

The black P.R.E. mare Chanel. twin to Escada: 


Náyade QC (“Naya”) 
(Ziljan x Linaje III)
      Naya and her filly Hipnotica

Bandolé QC

                      Hey Mom, is this a REAL mare????       

  Bando and his foalhood buddy Tovenaar, 3 years of age.

Gimme a hug, Mom! (Bando and his dam, Lady Pepsi Pop)

Hey Mom, is it Xmas yet??

Three year old Bando and daddy Ziljan


Novelero QC 
Novelero, Jesús and Siroco

Novelero and mom "Nube" (Ziljan x Linaje III)

Hey look--I'm taller than you are already! 

(or, as was published in IALHA magazine, "Mmm, that looks good!" ;-)


More Pix!


Tika (Hipnotica QC) with her Ball

  Ziljan's Azteca son Tango and Burt the Camel

Tango & Mo

      Police Horse Tango (Ziljan's Azteca son) & Owner Detective Mo Parga