Bandole's Page  

(a.k.a. "Bando")

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 A tribute to Bandole' QC 

son of Zilján    

April 2004 - August 2009  

Cherish your horses and make the most of your time with them.

Bandole' QC

Bando was a shooting star--riveting in his presence, delightfully funny and entertaining, a loud, brash and dramatic show-off who personified the Spanish term "escandaloso". All who had the privilege of his friendship were touched by the gently affectionate, and deeply kind soul that dwelled beneath his flamboyant exterior. He was a very, very special horse.

Sadly, we lost Bando after a brave and valiant fight 

against complications from salmonella. Our last days with him 

were truly a gift that will endure in our hearts forever.

   Bandolé QC, Azteca son of Zilján

Bando was trained and ridden by the late great Jesús Piris

May they share the breathtaking trails of heaven


Bando's first ride (ridden by Jesus Piris' 15 year old son Jesus Jr.)



Even as a youngster Bando was strikingly beautiful


Bando and Quarter Horse mom Lady Pepsi Pop ("Juno")

Bando and sire Zilján playing

Bando (Ziljan x Lady Pepsi Pop) was a beautiful DNA-tested true black (homozygous) five-year old Azteca when we lost him, tragically, to salmonella. Like his sire Ziljan, he was extremely intelligent and willing.

 Jesús Piris was thrilled with his work ethic and his extraordinary natural athleticism and balance. Like all of us, he had great hopes for is future. 

Bando lived with his two year old half-brother, the stud colt Novelero. He seemed to have inherited his sire Ziljan's caretaker personality, as he watched over Novelero and took care of him, grooming him and making sure he had enough to eat (he would actually herd him toward the choicest hay and stand back while he ate!)

Obviously he learned that from his daddy, Ziljan-- 

Here is a picture of Ziljan with Bando as a  yearling.

Ziljan is licking a stitched wound that Bando had on his lip:

Every time he had a chance, Z licked and licked Bando's wound!

A young Bando and proud daddy Ziljan

Bando would immediately turn anything you gave him into a toy! A more fun-loving horse never graced the earth.  He was Joie de Vivre personified!

Bando was very much loved and is sorely missed. His short life was very full, and loaded with mischief and great fun. At the "Fun at Quinta Cordova" link there are pictures of him frolicking with his foal hood friend, the gelding Tovenaar and swimming at the beach, something he especially loved. He excelled in many police obstacle clinics from a young age, brave and playful soul that he was. 

One of his favorite things in the whole world was his giant 4 foot diameter red ball which he'd chase and throw around the arena, galloping and "herding" it and kneeling on top of it with glee. Bando had quite a zest for life and we feel he made the most of the few years he was given on this earth.

 Rest in Peace, little boy.