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Its your Dream wedding and thats the way it should be.
We have been baking and involved with 5 star weddings, restaurants and services our whole lives.
We are pleased to offer such elegance and service locally.
Connie Garrish & Jennifer Humphry



Seasoned with Love.      Located at the old Carry"S Candy Company  *  Now - Quincy Cooking Cottage !!!!

Connecting with lifes most valuble lessons. Here's where you find everything you've dreamed of learning and more.
We've brought the experts to you in person.
Cook like the cake Boss, its all here from canning, cooking, crafts of survival. there's nothing more fulfilling than being prepared to enjoy life.
* prepare Sushi
* Make cakes like the cake boss of quincy " Connie Garrish "
* Learn to can anything. Food preservation 101-121
* Learn how to read your Blood ( A Live microscopic view not shared by Doctors)
* Medicinal Herbs
* Local herbal teas growing Wild in plumas county
* Gardening tips From Local experts  ( Who carry the love and passion to Garden for life )
* Seed havesting locally for next years garden. ( Herloom Seeds, non GMO vegetible gardening )
* Food storage
* Emergency preparedness
* 72 hour emergency packs ( for any Disaster )
* Dehydrating and dry vac tips, secrets and full instruction.
* baking bread
* Making apple sauce
* Making jelly's
* Making and canning marinara sauce.
* Eating on $10 a day for a family of 5
* Learn to fight cancer naturally , with out Paying Dr's Million we don't have. ( Avoid the Medical death trap...... we're not to be practiced on !!!   )
* Have fun with diabeties , make food fun again ( living on a shoe string budget )
* Learn to sew Like Mom and her Mother. ( Fix it and use it up )
* Cooking classes for kids from cup cakes, cookies to cakes.
* Learn to cut meat chicken, beef ect.. waste nothing.
              ( GOURMET ALL THE WAY )
* And so Much More ............... SEASONED WITH LOVE

Quincy, CA 95971

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