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Medical projects

Recent medical editorial projects

H-N Shen, H-H Yang, C-Li Lu (2013)  'Temporal trends in characteristics and outcome of intensive care unit patients with systemic lupus erythematosus in Taiwan: a national population-based study',  Lupus 22(6): 644-52

S-J Moon, HS Park, S-K Kwok, JH Ju, BS Choi, K-S Park, J-K Min, H-Y Kim, S-H Park (2013)  'Predictors of renal relapse in Korean patients with lupus nephritis who achieved remission six months following induction therapy' Lupus

M Jolly, S Toloza, J Block, R Mikolaitis et al., (2013) 'Spanish LupusPRO: Cross-cultural validation study for lupus', Lupus

C Gardiner, J Hills, SJ Machin, H Cohen (2013) 'Diagnosis of antiphospholipid syndrome in routine clinical practice', Lupus

Robert J. Fox, Alan Thompson, David Baker, et al., 'Setting a research agenda for progressive multiple sclerosis: The international collaborative on progressive MS', Multiple Sclerosis Journal

Irene Guidi, Tiziano Giovannelli and Matteo Paci, 'Effects of Wii exercises on balance in people with multiple sclerosis', Multiple Sclerosis Journal

Bettina Hodel and Heriberto G Sánchez, 'The Special Needs Program for Inmate-Patients with Dementia (SNPID): A psychosocial program provided in the prison system – innovative practice', Dementia

Jacqueline Pearce, Winn Forsyth, Robert Boyd and Graham A Jackson, 'Empowering people with dementia: Rutherglen and Cambuslang Values History Project (innovative practice)', Dementia

Rachael Dixey and Modou Njai (2012) 'The call to action: Health promotion in the Gambia – closing the implementation gap?', Global Health Promotion

Glenn Laverack, 'Where are the champions of global health promotion?', Global Health Promotion

Catherine Walshe, Jane Griffiths and Gail Ewing, 'Using observation as a data collection method to help understand patient and professional roles and actions in palliative care settings', Palliative Medicine 

M. Anitha Rani, Vanishree Shriraam, Rony Zachariah,  et al.,  'Does a nutrition education programme change the knowledge and practice of healthy diets among high school adolescents in Chennai, India?', Health Education Journal