It seems as if I have always known how to sew. My mother loved to sew and passed that love and knowledge on to me.

I made clothing for my small daughters, but as I grew busier and they grew older I put sewing aside for awhile. More about Mary...


In June of 2012, I spent a day at an Equine Workshop in a small town in the east-mountains of San Diego. I was intrigued with the notion that horses could teach me something new about life and my quilting. After all, the horse is the largest domesticated sentient being and they speak our language if we listen carefully.

Walking into the paddock, I was confronted with my fear of such large animals, six of them to be exact. It reminded me of the first time I confronted yards of untamed fabric and the wild pulsating sound of the treadle sewing machine.

To my surprise the horses introduced themselves to me, and one large stallion in particular was very intriguing. His name is Shadow and he’s a proud black stallion whose commanding presence, but gentle spirit, opened the door to my new adventure in quilting.

I currently live in New Mexico and in the mountains and hills behind my home reside many descendants of the first horses that the Spaniards brought to the Americas. I see them most every day and they are magnificent.

My most recent series of quilts are a tribute to my growing love of horses and an appreciation for the pioneer tradition of the quilt as both a utilitarian object as well as a thing of beauty. With patches and prints, squares and strips, triangles and colors, I have attempted to pay tribute to my new found friend Shadow and his many companions in the herd, both domesticated and wild, that make up the patchwork landscape of our amazing desert Southwest.


Horses Quilt
new mexico