Optional Projects and Workshops

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Open classrooms and informal get-togethers is the format for the weekend.  You may choose to take one of the workshops or you may work on a project of your own.

This is your Quilters’ Getaway to do as you wish!  I will be available to assist you with your projects.


Raffle Block

          Make as many as you like.  Your name will be entered in the raffle for each block you make (or get someone else to make for you) for a chance to win ALL the blocks!

        2011 Block: Tic-Tac-Toe

        2013 Block: Friendship Chain (c) Kathleen Connors, 2013

Friday Night Project


Cinnamon Stick Surprise! Book Covers


Mini Wallets

            Tailgate Totes: Bring old sweatshirts to make cute little tote bags.  Perfect for graduation gifts.  Adult sizes make a large bag and kids sizes make a book tote

Workshops & Classes:

Carrie’s Free Motion Quilting Workshop

Bring something small and sandwiched that you don’t mind experimenting with and leave your inhibition at home!

 Mystery Quilt

2011: Two Fabric Mystery...but it can be scrappy too!

2012: Fabric Selection and Cutting Instructions Here
2013: TBD

Getaway Challenge: join in these fun, non-competitive challenges and see where your creativity takes you.  Bring the finished (or almost finished :)) product to the weekend and we will display them.

2011: Crayola Challenge

2013: What's your Color? Choose a color that represents your personality and create a quilt (no larger than 20 x 30") that reflects your choice.
New Pattern:
Shadow Squares: a blend of lights & darks and mediums in a contrasting color


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