I have designed and make two distinct models of smallpipes. 

The standard model has a medium volume and balanced drone sound that is well suited for solo playing or with other smallpipes. It is very efficient, requires little air, and is a joy to play. The chanter balances well with the drones and is similar in volume to other makes of cane reeded smallpipes. 

I have also designed a wide-bore model, full of rich buzzy overtones and strong upper harmonics and a deep bass. It was developed by me as a fusion between smallpipes and border pipes. The volume of this model stands up well to playing alongside other instruments in a folk band or session setting. It would also be a good choice for a soloist looking for that extra volume and buzzy edge to their sound. The chanter is designed to have a much louder volume and projection than most smallpipes. I can also fit this model of drones with my quieter border pipe chanter.

The standard configuration for smallpipes is a chanter with three drones (bass, baritone, and tenor). However, smallpipes can be made to suit your particular needs. A common optional configuration is an A/D combination set with four drones (bass, baritone, tenor, and alto). The A/D combo set also comes with two chanter, pitched in A and D. 

Basic starter sets are also available and can be ordered as chanter, bag, and bellows. Mainstock and drones can be added at a later time.

Both models feature the same high level of craftsmanship and attention to detail to be expected of custom made bespoke instruments.