Bags & Bellows

In addition to instruments I also make and supply handmade leather bellows and bags.  
My standard pattern of bellows is 10" in length with a 10" draw. This is a very good size for Scottish smallpipes and Border pipes, they are even capable of powering a full set of Uilleann pipes.  Other sizes or shapes are available and can be custom designed. My standard wood for the clappers is Cherry, but I also keep Walnut, Curly Maple, Mahogany, Oak, and Poplar on hand. The leather gusset is made from a fine upholstery grade hide that has been treated to be airtight without need for seasoning.  My bellows design is unique in the way that I have laminated the gusset leather to create defined folds when closed.  This allows the bellows to have a smooth pumping action that results in an easier to play instrument.

Cherry bellows with black leather
with padding - $350
without padding - $325

Cherry Bellows in standard pattern with black leather and brass hardware

Curly Maple bellows with red leather trim and Cocobolo valve and outlet

Quarter sawn cherry awaiting gusset and strap attachment

Riveted leather smallpipe bag - $120
I have several leather color combinations available, and can custom fit a bag to suit the pipers needs.  I make my bags using a specially tanned leather hide that is airtight and does not require seasoning for the life of the bag. Note: these bags are intended for dry-blown bellows pipes only. If you require a bag for mouth-blown use, I can supply a synthetic or synthetic hybrid bag.