The Vietnamese Culture and Science Association (VCSA) is a non-profit Vietnamese American organization founded in 1990. It has over 600 members, mostly young Vietnamese-American professionals in Houston, the U.S. and Canada. Based in Houston, Texas, VCSA has chapters in Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas; Washington DC, San Diego, California; Dayton, Ohio; Twin Cities, Minnesota; Toronto and London, Ontario, Canada.

Mission Statement
Vietnamese Culture and Science Association promotes excellence in education, leadership and skills development through culture and science. Our organization encourages multi-generational and cross-cultural collaborations. We foster civic participation in the mainstream and Vietnamese community.


* Preserve and develop Vietnamese heritage and culture for the Vietnamese American young adults and Vietnamese descendants by establishing various programs and activities.
* Promote cooperation among Vietnamese-North American professionals in exchanging their skills, participating in the programs and activities to build a strong Vietnamese community.
* Encourage participation in community programs and activities and build a strong sense of civic responsibility among Vietnamese Americans.
* Collaborate with other Asian communities and the mainstream society.
Activities and Programs
* Publish an annual magazine Huong Viet to exchange ideas among members and to act as the official voice of VCSA.
* Organize quarterly general meetings to obtain feedback and ideas from members regarding VCSA programs and activities.
* Organize regular cultural events and participate in the annual cultural events such as the American Asian Festival and the Mardi Gras Festival.
* Organize regular workshops to discuss Science and Technology topics and to share ideas and skills among professionals.
* Partner with health related institution such as Baylor College of Medicine to deliver Health Awareness and Substance Abuse Awareness workshops for Vietnamese community.
* Partner with J.P. Morgan Chase Bank to deliver financial educational workshops for the Vietnamese-American community in Houston and vicinity.
* Partner with corporations to deliver youth leadership development programs, mentoring program and after school tutorial programs for students of grades 6 to 12.
* Participate in all community related activities such as charitable fund raising events, the Vietnamese New Year Festival, the Asian-American Festival and other Asian communities’ events.