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Quidditch Teams

Listed below are famous Quidditch teams, along with some useful and interesting information about each.
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England Appleby Arrows Appleby Colors are pale blue with a silver arrow. Founded in 1612. Has a rivalry with the Wasps 
England Chudley Cannons Chudleigh Bright orange and a double C with a speeding cannonball. The team's motto was originally "We shall conquer"; it was later changed to "Let's all just keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best." Ron Weasley is a fan of the team. 
England Falmouth Falcons Falmouth Dark grey & white robes with a Falcon on the chest. Motto: "Let us win, but if we cannot win, let us break a few heads." 
England Puddlemere United Puddlemere Place does not exist in the muggle world. Navy blue robes with two crossed Bulrushes. Founded in 1163. Oliver Wood is picked for this team's reserve squad after graduating from Hogwarts. Albus Dumbledore's favourite side. 
England Tutshill Tornados Tutshill Sky blue robes with a double T in dark blue on the front and back; league success in 1995; accused of cheating. 
England Wimborne Wasps Wimborne Horizontally striped robes of yellow and black and a Wasp on the chest. Ludo Bagman played for this team in his younger days. 
Other Ballycastle Bats Ballycastle Black robes with a scarlet bat. From Northern Ireland 
Ireland Kenmare Kestrels Kenmare Emerald green robes with two yellow K's back to back. Founded in 1291 
Scotland Montrose Magpies Montrose Black and white robes with a magpie on the front and back 
Scotland Pride of Portree Portree Deep Purple Robes with a gold star on the chest Founded 1292 
Scotland Wigtown Wanderers Wigtown Blood red robes with a Meat Cleaver on the chest. Founded in 1422 
Wales Caerphilly Catapults Caerphilly Vertically striped robes of light green and scarlet. Founded in 1402. Beat the Karasjok Kites to win the 1956 European Cup Final. 
Wales Holyhead Harpies Holyhead Dark green robes with a golden talon on the chest. An all-female team whose members have first names that start with G. Founded in 1203. Between 1998 and 2017, Ginny Weasley spends several years playing for this team. 
Other Thundelarra Thunderers  There is a pastoral lease by that name in Western Australia - but not a town or locality. Has rivalry with Warriors  
Other Wollongong Warriors Wollongong Has a rivalry with the Thunders 
Other Vratsa Vultures Vratsa, Bulgaria Seven times champions of Europe 
Other Haileybury Hammers Haileybury Canadian team 
Other Moose Jaw Meteorites Moose Jaw Canadian team 
Other Stonewall Stormers Stonewall Canadian team 
Other Gimbi Giant-Slayers Gimbi Ethiopian team 
Other Quiberon Quafflepunchers Quiberon French team 
Other Heidelberg Harriers Heidelberg German team 
Other Toyohashi Tengu Toyohashi Japanese team 
Other Gorodok Gargoyles Lithuania Ambiguous place name ("gorodok" means "town" in Russian). Won against the Toyohashi Tengu in 1994. 
Other Bigonville Bombers Bigonville Luxemborgian team 
Other Moutohora Macaws Moutohora New Zealand team 
Other Karasjok Kites Kárášjohka - Karasjok, Norway lost to the Caerphilly Catapults in the 1956 European Cup final 
Other Tarapoto Tree-Skimmers Tarapoto, Peru Peruvian team 
Other Grodzisk Goblins Grodzisk, Poland Ambiguous place name, Home team of Josef Wronski 
Other Braga Broomfleet Braga, Portugal Portuguese team 
Scotland Banchory Bangers Banchory "Team" now defunct 
Other Sumbawanga Sunrays Sumbawanga Tanzanian team 
Other Tchamba Charmers Tchamba Togo team 
Other Patonga Proudsticks Patonga Ugandan team 
Other Fitchburg Finches Fitchburg, USA Captain and seeker Maximus Brankovitch III also captained the USA team at the Quidditch World Cup several times. 
Other Sweetwater All-Stars Sweetwater, USA Won a five-day match against the Quiberon Quafflepunchers in 1993 
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