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This document contains recommendations and ideas for free scientific software and was originally produced for use the internal use in the department of chemical physics in Lund/Sweden. 

The department webpage can be found here: http://www.chemphys.lu.se/

Informations about my science at the department of chemical physics (including a very old picture) can be found here: http://www.chemphys.lu.se/people/uhlig/

or on the typical professional networking pages: LinkedIn and Xing 

The direct links were correct and checked at the time of introducing them into this document but not checked during the following iterations. I do not take any responsibility for contents or links away from this domain. Common sense and care is always demanded! Maybe you find some useful informations here.

Nearly all software were free for governmental use or I marked them otherwise at time of introduction. Since i usually do not track changes in the using condition please confirm the legality for your application.

This list was made for Windows version but most of the producers provide versions for other operating systems too.

I would appreciate recommendations and comment for other useful software to share on these pages

Have fun

Jens Uhlig

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