The Most Powerfull Video Marketing Tool : Easy Video Suite

Easy Video Suite (EVS) is the very best video marketing platform available. This is a very simple to use video marketing software that was created by a marketing genius who goes by the name of Josh Barlett.

In this video we look at the brand new, revamped page editor. Everything is drag and drop simple and you can basically create full websites with the software alone. No HTML knowledge necessary. It took me less than 3 minutes to create an amazing looking page!

easy video suite

One of the features that most impressed about in EVS is the ability to do screen recordings or record video directly from your WebCam into Easy Video Suite.

The video recorder let’s you record video directly from your WebCam. Best of all, once your video is recorded you can edit out the sections that you don’t want, such as the ums and ahs, directly inside of Easy Video Suite.

The fact that easy video suite actually converts your videos for you is great but it actually takes it one step further and allows you to automatically upload the final videos that you create to the web… whether it be Amazon S3 or Youtube. And all you need to do is enter your login details and literally sit back and relax.

easy video suite

The previous versions of the Easy Video Suite i.e Easy Video Player 1 and 2 were really annoying when it came to embedding videos. However this no longer is an issue with the Easy Video suite because the moment your video gets uploaded you are going to automatically be given your embed code which can you paste anywhere you want.

Forget about having to paste social sharing buttons below or above your video. Now you can paste them inside your video. Even better, with the gateways feature, you can force users to share your video on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ 30 seconds in before they are able to watch the rest of the it.

Easy Video Suite has built in testing and tracking algorithms that enable you to see detailed statistics on how well your videos are performing. You can see the average drop off rate, number of optins, sales, etc in a beautiful, yet simple dashboard. You can also rotate unlimited videos in unlimited split tests, to see exactly which video brings in the most sales or optins.

You just need to make sure that you look beyond the flashy sales page that goes on about ‘Easy video suite this and easy video suite that’ and focus on the fact that you are really getting a video marketing solution that is not only feature packed but also is extremely simple and easy to use. If you implement this software into your own video marketing efforts then there is no doubt that you will really make a killing out there.