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Union City Towing Service has been providing quality roadside assistance to our area for years. If you need a tow truck or any other kind of roadside service, call us today. With our fast response times, quality service,  and highly competitive rates, you can count on a great experience.

Our team of towing professionals have spent years responding to countless stranded and roadside situations. Their vast experience and skills in their field has ensured hundreds upon hundreds of successful rescues and responses. You can count us for any type of service, from simple flat tire service or fuel delivery to more complex tow truck and wrecker service. 

Vehicle trouble is never a pleasant thing, and time seems to pass more slowly while waiting for help. We get that, and that’s why we focus so strongly on providing FAST service as well as great quality and prices. Ultimately our mission is to provide the fastest service with the best prices and quality around. NJ Towing Union City has many vehicles and they’re always out serving the city.


Our top rate wrecker professionals are recognize for their rapid response times and quality of service on scene. After years of responding to countless vehicular accidents, our tow truck operators are both experienced and qualified to handle just about any possible wreck situation out there. Regardless of the situation, they’ll work closely with the local authorities to safely and properly take care of your vehicle.

Getting into a wreck is one of the most stressful things that can happen to you. Everything is going fine until your day comes to a screeching halt. And you’re unexpectedly send into situation that may cause injure and force to deal with a wreck vehicle. We completely understand the stress of the situation, the frustration with having to do things by the book, and our wrecker services are here to help. Your health and safety is our greatest concern, so please take care of yourself first. We can handle your vehicle.


Our tow truck service operators have responded to countless roadside emergencies and situations. Not only they’re incredibly qualify and experience, they are also equip to handle every situation. After years of providing roadside assistance in our area, we’ve built a reputation for being a fast, affordable, and reliable service. That reputation has helped us rank so highly in our community!

There are three things we focus on that have helped us improve our services over the years:

1) Fast response times no matter what

2) Available 24 hours a day 

3) Customer satisfaction 

Each of our tow truck service providers is an experienced professional capable of handling anything out there. Regardless of the complexity of the situation, whether it’s just a flat tire or if you need a wrecker service, they are more than capable of handling it.


UC Towing Service is proud to provide for all types of roadside assistance in Union City, New Jersey. Over the years we’ve built our reputation and company values around three principles of service. These are the three things that matter the most when you’re wreck, so these are the things we guarantee with each call.

1: High quality service (Experienced and qualified professionals)

2: Quick response times (Fast service that arrives as quickly as possible)

3: Great prices (AFFORDABLE pricing)

Nobody gets into the towing business to get rich. If that was your goal, there are many much easier ways of doing it! When we get a call, no matter what time it is or the weather outside, we get our gear and head out.

Factors like weather, temperature, and time of day or night can greatly increase risk of danger and injury even when handling a minor incident.

Five Star Customer Experiences

Being a roadside service provider is not an easy life. A call can come in at any hour of the day or night, and you never know what it will take to get someone–or their vehicle–back on track. It could be 20 minutes, it could be an hour. And it could be in incredibly hot weather, cold weather, in the rain, or in the snow. What we do know is that every call that we get from someone needing our services motivates us to respond quickly and with a sense of urgency. 

We understand that if you’re calling us, you’re probably not having an amazing day. We get that. That’s why we prioritize the speed of our service to help get you back on the road again without delay. Every customer we meet is a new opportunity to strengthen our position and reputation in the community. If you’re stranded, call us today and get fast, affordable, and quality service: 551-239-1459 for roadside assistance Union NJ.

Emergency Tow Truck Service

Our 24 hour tow truck service is available all over Union City, from day and night and any weather. If your vehicle’s break down and needs to be bring to a shop, just give us a quick call. We’ll get your vehicle and you where you want to be fast and affordably. 

Flat Tire Service

A flat tire or a blowout is a big pause button on your transportation plans. You can’t put it off or you’ll seriously damage your vehicle, but if it’s really hot outside, really cold, rainy, snowy, etc. or you’re not sure how to change a tire it can be a daunting task. The good thing is that our flat tire assistance service is very fast and very affordable, so if you don’t feel confident in changing a tire (or simply don’t want to), we can do it for you. 

If you’re not experienced in changing a flat tire or having done it before, consider giving us a call rather than trying it this time. A tire put on incorrectly can actually come off during transit. This can throw your vehicle into a spin or a skid, which could send you off the road or into another vehicle. Don’t take the chance!

Battery Jump Service

It doesn’t mean you need a tow just because your car won’t start. This can often be a dead battery. And just because a battery’s dead doesn’t mean it’s gone for good. Our battery jump start service is for those who’s vehicle won’t start. We’ll arrive quickly and find out if your battery can hold a charge. If it can, then fantastic! You’re on your way again. Just give it enough time with the engine running for the battery to recharge. If it doesn’t, then no harm done, we’re already there and will be happy to bring you and your vehicle anywhere you need to go. 

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