Human Curiosities

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20% Theatre Company

The Flower Shop Project

Step right up ladies and gentlemen for Quickies 2008: Human Curiosities! Observe oddities of all orders: from (metaphorical) miniature horses, the surprising rigors of fishing, and radical female terrorists to the betrayal of Mother Time and the machinations of the modern business man.

Now, as we pull back the curtain on these wonders, peer inside...if you dare!

Following the smash success of Quickies 2007: Five Prophylactic One Acts, 20% Theatre Company, 3 AM Productions, The Flower Shop Project, Kaleidoscope Theatre and Swandive Theatre are back with five more curiosities to amaze and astound you!

tickets 612.825.8919
online www. bryantlakebowl.com
$12-$15/Pay What You Can $10/Fringe Button Holders

November 7, 9, 14, 16, 21 & 23 @ 7pm
Doors open one hour in advance

Bryant-Lake Bowl
810 W Lake St., Minneapolis