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Working with Databases has never been Easier!

QuickDB aims to develop a persistence library that allow the user to write only the Data Model, and the library will manage all the operations between the Entities and the Database, without writing any line of code for Connection, Sql, etc.

Learning About QuickDB

To start you can consult: 

Visit the Project Page and obtain the Source Code at: QuickDB Project

Now you have all that you need to learn how to start adding new code into QuickDB!

How To Get Support

Support for QuickDB is available in a variety of different forms.
To get started, search the documentation, the wiki, issue tracker, or the mailing list archives to see if the problem has been solved or reported before.

If the problem has not been reported before, the recommended way to get help is to subscribe to the QuickDB Mailing list. QuickDB developers will answer your questions there, and the answer will be archived for others in the future.

How Can I Help?

QuickDB is an open source community and welcomes contributions. If you'd like to get involved, visit:

Project Proposals

To request Features or Propose new Ideas for this Project join us at QuickDB Google Group.
In this Thread you can contribute with the project letting us know about your ideas: Thread for Project Proposals (English)
En este Hilo podes contribuir con el proyecto dejándonos saber tus ideas: Hilo para Propuestas del Proyecto (Español)